Virtual Touch Panel Mode

Checking Enable Virtual Touch Panel mode on Advanced tab, aeroTAP generates virtual touch panel at specified distanced from camera and generate touch event to touch the virtual touch panel.
Virtual touch panel is supported in both Palm tracking mode and Nearest Object tracking mode.

* This requires Windows 10 system

Hint: In the touch panel mode, Click action will be performed by Tap action. The Tap action is executed by Touch and Release action. Please keep in mind that touching the virtual touch panel will only perform Touch and Hold action.

How to use Virtual Touch Panel Mode

In the virtual touch panel mode, aeroTAP generate virtual panel between camera and operator. By touching the virtual panel will generate touch event. When touching virtual panel, the color of the virtual cursor will turn BLUE and you will hear a touch sound.
Just after the color changes, release (pull back) the hand for the TAP action to be executed.
Position of touch panel can be configured by the value set for Range. The value of Range indicates the distance from camera.
 Nearest Object Mode  30cm - 80cm
 Palm Tracking Mode (Near)  50cm - 140cm
 Palm Tracking Mode (Far)  130cm - 140cm

About TAP action

In virtual touch panel mode, the normal Click action will change to Tap action. This TAP action is like tapping on the invisible touch panel. Tapping on an actual touch panel is like hitting the panel, but for this virtual touch panel mode, it is more like a Push and Pull action.
To click a point more precisely, you have to make sure the virtual cursor has stopped and then perform the tap action.
If you touch the virtual panel and keep it there, Touch and Hold action will be executed, not the Tap action. Using two hands, you can perform Pinch/Pan or Scroll action.

Hint:  Actual actions that will be perfomed by the tap event depends on each application.
Double tap is supported but it is not ready for practical use, at this point.
Hint: To use two hand operation, check Multi Touch option
Important: When using Nearest Object Tracking mode, Click action will be disabled.
Important: MultiTouch.ini setting will be ignored when Virtual Touch Panel is enabled