Known Issues

The following features are still under development to improve the performance.

1. 'Fingertip' - In case of low texture background environment, incorrect depth image causes problems for fingertip operation.
The issue will be resolved in future release.

Error when starting aeroTAP


 Case and Solution

 Camera Error  [Running Graph error]  Connected USB controller does not have enough band width.
 Camera is already used by another application or multiple high bandwidth devices are connected to the same USB controller.
Check USB connection.
Check that other applications are not using the camera.
 Stop at Welcome Dialog  When Tutorial video is selected at Welcome dialog, video player will stop because your system is not coded to play video.

Delete Video.DLL file under aeroTAP.exe folder, and restart aeroTAP.
 No camera discovered  Please check if the aeroTAP 3D USB camera is listed in Device Manager.

Windows 7 Embedded does not have USB Camera driver. You need to install drivers to start aeroTAP.

 Download  Error  When you run aeroTAP.exe for the first time, aeroTAP tries to connect to the Internet to check if there is an updated version. If networks is not available, you will see this error message.  You can continue to configure setup by pressing OK and exit aeroTAP.  Restart aeroTAP.exe and you will no longer see this error message.

 Please note that Professional version won't show this error message.

Error when starting Tutorial Video at Welcome page

If you get error when starting Tutorial video at Welcome page, please delete VIDEODLL.DLL then restart aeroTAP. It may happens if your OS is embedded OS or custome OS.

Application name for virtual button setting

You can define Virtual button (Virtual Mouse, Virtual Scrollbar) to individual running application. Application name is usually the executable file name (.exe file). But Pre-Defined names are available for the following applications (Window)

Predefined name
Microsoft Edge
Windows Startup
Windows 7 PhotoViewer


Here we will explain about some issues for aeroTAP operation and execution.

Palm of the hand Recognition

In dark places, more false recognitions can occur. Please check the light (brightness) where you are operating. Also check if the distance of operation is appropriate.

Operation in dark places

Dark places such as an environment under 40lux, infrared ray radiation (IR) can solve the problem. However if the IR intention is too high, shadows may be seen or whiteout may occur, so be careful when you are using this.

Flicker occurance in dark conditions

If flicker (screen images move waveringly) occurs in a dark condition, open Adjust Image Tab and check if the Flicker Correction is set to the correct value (It should be 50Hz in Eastern Japan and 60Hz in Western Japan).

Advanced setting for the camera can be made by checking Check camera settings at startup option in the General Tab of Preference screen. After checking the option, boot aeroTAP.

Cursor does not move

When the cursor is on an application running at an administrative level, you can't control it with aeroTAP if you are not the administrator. In this case you need to run aeroTAP as administrator.
For example, if you don't run OSK (On Screen Keyboard) as administrator, you can't tap the keyboard on the screen.

Error message "Running Graph error" is displayed

The band frequency of the USB you are using may not be enough. Connect to another USB controller, disconnect other devices that are connected to that controller, or reboot the computer and try again.

This may occur when you are extending USB cable for more than 5m or because of the quality. Please change the USB cable and try again.

Concerning other issues, please contact us from

Other customization

aeroTAP can be used for various purposes. From our various utilization experience, we are sure we can customize for the various purposes.
For detailed settings, see Advanced Settings and Usage section page.