License and System Requirements


Comparison of aeroTAP evo licenses

There are 2 types of licenses for aeroTAP evo. License will be managed in connection with the camera. You can connect the same camera to another PC that has aeroTAP installed.

aeroTAP evo Licensed edition

If you connect aeroTAP 3D USB camera, aeroTAP will run as a Licensed edition.

aeroTAP evo Professional version This edition provides more customization features for business uses. You can implement aeroTAP evo into your system to transform your system to touchless for your customer.
Please contact us for more information about purchasing licenses.

Usage that Professional version
  • When many and unspecified ones will operate the digital signage or game content
  • At a medical situation when several doctors or other related personnel will operate
  • To display company information (digital signage) at the company entrance
  • To integrate into your product for distribution or reselling
  • When customization or installation support is required

Usage that Professional version IS NOT required
  • To make a presentation in a business scenePersonal usage on your personal computer.
  • To develop or test in combination with your own company's products

To check which aeroTAP evo license you are using, see the information given here.

Difference in feature by camera

We recommend the use of aeroTAP 3D USB camera Type A or aeroTAP 3D USB G2 camera.

aeroTAP 3D USB camera and aeroTAP 3D USB G2 camera are designed especially for touchless interface. They can both be purchased with a very reasonable cost.

Functions aeroTAP 3D USB camera
aeroTAP 3D USB G2 camera
aeroTAP 3D GS USB camera
Operation close to the camera


Comparison of licenses (features)

Licensed edition Professional edition
Settings for touchless operation area
SideIn gesture feature
Auto start at startup
Customization of the operation area
Change Guidance image
Modify the virtual button design
Modify the virtual cursor design
Launch on the selected monitor (multi monitor environment)
Virtual touch panel feature (built-in)


System Requirements