Tutorial: Configure Double Click and Right Click

To implement double click and right click to aeroTAP, you can use the virtual button.

aeroTAP will automatically determine which Click action (Click, Double Click, Right Click) matches the current condition. For example, when operating Desktop or Explorer, Click action will be run as double click to launch an application.

An example with Microsoft Media Player

Microsoft Media Player can operate pause/play with a click, maximize by a double click, show menu by a right click. To execute these operations with aeroTAP, edit HybridGesture.ini as showed below and setup virtual button that enables double click and right click.

Example: HybridGesture.ini


When you stop the virtual cursor at a desired position, a cursor button will appear. If you select the LEFT button, double click will be executed and Microsoft Media Player will be maximized. If you select the RIGHT button, right click will be executed and the menu for Microsoft Media Player will be displayed.

Click will be executed with the normal way.