What is aeroTAPSrv (Web API)?

 aeroTAPSrv (Web API) provides aeroTAP API via HTTP.
 For example, using aeroTAP API from JavaScript will enable you to develop a web application with touchless integrated.

Main Features

Provides a simple Web server feature.

Acquires if the running aeroTAP has detected an operator or not.
*Detection of operator will only work when aeroTAP distance filter is active.

Acquires the state of palm detection for the running aeroTAP.

aeroTAPSrv preference window

Run aeroTAPSrv on the PC with aeroTAP evo.

Important: aeroTAP and aeroTAPSrv needs to be saved and executed in the same folder.

Content Description
Server port Define the port number of the HTTP server.
Polling interval
Define the interval (ms) of acquiring aeroTAP state.
After starting the application, minimize the dialog When the checkbox is on, the dialog box will automatically minimize when the application is launched.
You can show the dialog box with Alt+Tab key. Turn the checkbox off if you want to keep the dialog box displayed.
Generate log file log.txt When the checkbox is on, log file log.txt will be generated in the same folder as aeroTAPSrv.exe.
*When installing to folder, not running as administrator may cause a log generation error.

aeroTAPSrv boot parameter

You can adjust the following parameters in aeroTAPSrv:

Parameters Description
/a or /A Autostart with the last executed settings.

Windows Firewall configuration

For aeroTAPSrv to operate as HTTP server, you need to configure the firewall.

When the following warning is displayed at your first launch, select Permit access.

aeroTAPSrv API format

Acquire tracking information
  request: http://localhost/
  respond:   OP operator existence, (center of gravity coordinate x,y,z), Palm palm tracking detected / not detected, (coordinate x,y,z), Click detected / not detected
  *center of gravity coordinate is the position of 320x240 coordinate system (fixed). Coordinate of the palm is the coordinate on the screen (dependent to resolution).
  Example: OP 0, (0,0,0), Palm 0, (0,0,0), 0

acquire color image

acquire depth image

HTTP server feature

The Root folder of the Web server will be the same folder as aeroTAPSrv.exe.
For example, if you create index.html and save it in the same folder as aeroTAPSrv.exe, access will be possible as http://localhost/index.html.
Important: By default, it will be installed with aeroTAP in C:\Program Files. Execute aeroTAPSrv.exe as administrator to browse files that require administrative rights.
When you access a folder that needs administrative rights, Error 403 Forbidden will be displayed.

Hints to work with aeroTAP evo

To process click action on the application's side, set the Click action recognition in aeroTAP preference to None.

To display the cursor on the application's side, set the virtual cursor on aeroTAP to Do not display. You may need to select Do not move for the Cursor move option.

Sample HTML (JavaScript)

To execute the sample, first launch aeroTAP and aeroTAPSrv on the local PC and then open the following sample HTML with the browser.


    Acquire information by polling Web API by HTTP


    Web API demo (depth image display and touchless pointing)