Installation of SmartButton.ini (configure Smart button/area)

aeroTAP can automatically detect whether the virtual cursor's current position is within a clickable area. Smart Click mode enables you to click only in clickable areas
SmartButton.ini will enable the user to set the clickable area and buttons to wherever you want.

Using this feature will enhance the usability of smart click with digital signage.

Example 1: For example, when showing images using the browser of photo viewer, you can specify a certain area of that image where smart click is enabled. You can specify several points (areas).

Example 2: For example, a button of a certain application may not be detected by smart click. In this case you can define the button name or define the rectangular area of the button to enable smart click.

For example, you can also define the surrounding area of a small button to make it easier to click that button.

Configurations can be made for each application.

Destination of SmartButton.ini

Notes: SmartButton.ini should be saved in C:\ProgramData\aeroTAP folder or the same folder where aeroTAP.exe is saved.

Notes: C:\ProgramData\aeroTAP folder is given priority. Please save with UTF-8 format.

Configure SmartButton.ini

SmartButton.ini can be customized. You can set different clickable area for each application or window.

[application name{:caption name}]
"button name" (or a rectangular area),"button name" (or rectangular area).....

application name:   Define the execution file name (exe) or the ID number.
caption name: This can be abbreviated. When defined, you can specify a certain window.
"button name": The button name to define as clickable area. Button name should be put between ""
rectangular area:   If there is no name for the button, specify the rectangular area "(left,top)-(right,bottom)" by defining the coordinates on the actual screen. Coordinates should be put between ""
* You can define several button names by putting commas (,) in between
When you define the coordinate of the actual screen with the rectangular area "(left,top)-(right,bottom)(X,Y)", click action in that area will perform the click of coordinate (X,Y) you defined.

Hint: For more information about Application EXE file name, check "Application name for virtual button setting".

In the example below, clickable area is set to the zoom in/out button that is shown on the bottom right of the Paint window. When you move the virtual cursor to that button, it will turn red. When smart click is selected, click action will be performed.
"zoom in","zoom out"

In the example below, (100,100)-(300,400) is defined as the smart button action area. When a click action is performed in that area, the defined area (100,16) will be clicked. This enables you to click a small button even if you click the surrounding area of that button.



Setting multiple Smart Buttons

You can set more than 1 smart button area on the same screen of the same application.