Tutorial: Utilize Show Guidance feature

If you activate Show Guidance option in the Welcome tab of Preferences, the guidance image can be shown when there is an operator in front of the camera that is not performing any operation.

For example, you can show messages such as "Please show your palm towards the camera" or "Stand on the mark below and raise your hand towards the camera".

 Show/Hide guidance image will change as mentioned below.
  1. Operator is not existing in front of camera  -> No Guidance
  2. Operator is detected -> Show Guidance
  3. Operator is starting operation -> No Guidance
  4. Operator stop operation, and 10sec passed -> Show Guidance (Loop back to  #2 )
For more information about customization of guidance image, go to Modify Guidance Image.

Show Guidance Operator present and No palm operation
To estimate if a operator is present or not will be done by detecting if there is a person within the modified distance filter range.
When the depth image shown in the aeroTAP 3D camera tab displays a Dark gray rectangle, that means that the operator is present (or detected).
The red dot shows the center of gravity for the person.

While checking the distance setting, modify the distance according to your usage.

No palm operation is estimated by the time duration from the last palm operation.
Hide Guidance The Guidance will be hidden When palm operation is resumed or Operator not detected.

Display style of the Guidance

You can modify the display style and the display position on the Guidance by generating SplashGuide.ini file in the same folder as the bmp.

Style = 0 float, Style = 1 fixed

Trans = 0-255 value of transparency (255: opaque)

Example: Content of SplashGuide.ini

x = 100
y = 200
Style = 1
Trans = 255

Result: Guidance image will be displayed at coordinate (100,200 ) as a static image. The center position of the guidance image is defined by the x, y values.

Assigning x, y and style can be skipped (omitted).

Default Settings (omitted):

x = horizontal center position

y = vertical center position

style = 0

trans =180

        Coordinates omitted: You can skip assigning coordinates X and Y. As the next example shows, you can assign coordinate X = 500 and y= center of Y within the screen.

x = 500

style = 0

trans =180

Condition to show/hide Guidance

Whether the Guidance will be shown or hidden changes by the following conditions.

Camera detection Guidance image
No one in front of the camera for more than 10seconds
Not displayed
A person detected displayed
Start operation (virtual cursor is displayed) Not displayed
Stop operation (virtual cursor is not displayed) displayed
Supplementary information: You can only change guidance image with Professional version.
Hint: Prepare a image file SplashGuide.bmp in the same folder as aeroTAP.exe. You can freely change the Guidance image (for Professional version only).

Showing Guidance and Lock/Unlock operation

If you enable Guidance feature, you can also lock the touchess operation. If you lock the operation, operator is unable to perform action expect virtual cursor moving.

You can select method to unlock the operation lock.

You can set the unlock method
Unlock method
 Instruction to unlock
Move cursor to guidance image  Operator has to show virtual cursor and move it to the center of guidance image.
 Unlocking operating will disappearing the guidance image.

When the guidance is showing again, operation will be locked also.