Tutorial: Settings for touchless operation area

Use Touchless operation area in the General tab of Preferences to define a certain area of the monitor screen as a touchless navigation area.

Supplementary information: You can only change guidance image with Professional version.

Important: This feature is only available with Professional version.

When to use this feature

For example, when using a portrait style monitor, disabling the interaction of the bottom part of the screen will enhance the user-friendliness.
When you define the touchless operation area, the virtual cursor and virtual buttons will only appear in those areas.

For example, you can set the touchless operation area to a certain area such as the selection button. When you do so, when a detected palm enters that area, the virtual buttons will always appear. It is useful to operate by just showing the palm (without pointing with the palm).

Modify the touchless operation area

For effective operation, we recommend limiting the operation area to the center of the screen (where the operator may stand) for large monitors, especially large portrait monitors.
You can also use this setting for more user-friendliness in the following scenes.
  1. when using a portrait monitor

when touchlessly operating a selected area of a big screen

Area Configuration

aeroTAP startup option parameter Using /O option, define the top-left coordinate (left, top) and bottom-right (right, bottom). '(' and the ')' will not be written in the actual definition.
You can only operate touchlessly in the selected area.The feedback screen will be displayed within the operation area.
Example: When running aeroTAP with the following parameter for a FHD monitor (1980x1080), the center of the screen (200,400)-(980,1480) will be the operation area and the other area can't be selected.

aeroTAP.exe /O200,400,980,1480

Supplementary information: You can define touchless operation area ONLY with the Professional version.