Command Line Parameter

Boot parameter is a feature to pause/close the running aeroTAP by using external commands.

In Professional Version, you can use auto-start features by command line parameters.

Configure aeroTAP Shortcut to avoid showing UAC dialog

You can use the following parameters in aeroTAP
/M,  /m Allow multiple aeroTAP to run
You can run one aeroTAP on your system. If you want to run 2nd aeroTAP for 2nd aeroTAP 3D USB camera, use /M option. It will allow aeroTAP to run with 2nd camera.

aeroTAP.exe /M

Hint: Hot keys defined for aeroTAP only effect to primary aroTAP.
/E Terminate running aeroTAP
aeroTAP.exe /E
/Automation Auto-Start aeroTAP with the last configuration (Professional version only)
aeroTAP.exe /Automation

i.e.: Create the shortcut for aeroTAPna.exe, and add to Windows's Startup.

1. Create aeroTAP shortcut, and edit it.

2. Press Win +R  key, then type  "shell:startup" to open Startup folder.

3. Copy the created shortcut to startup folder.

Please use non-admin version aeroTAPna.exe rather than aeroTAP.exe.

Hint: It is recommended to use /W option when using /Automation option.  At Windows's boot up, it will take a few time to configure all connected devices such as USB devices.  Use /w option to wait until all devices are ready.

i.e. Wait 20 sec : /Automation /W20

If you wan to run admin version of aeroTAP, Please follow the instruction in 「Register admin version of aeroTAP to startup
/Standby Auto start aeroTAP without connecting aeroTAP 3D USB Camera and without prompting Configuration Dialog with last performed setting.
Whenever you connect aeroTAP 3D USB camera, aeroTAP will be enabled.

aeroTAP.exe /Standby
/Wxx The waiting interval to statrup aeroTAP. This option is useful to run aeroTAP at Windows startup.  It is required to wait until all system devices are ready to use.   /W10 means wait 10sec to start.

aeroTAP.exe /W10 /Automation
/Xxxxx /Yxxxx In multiple monitor connected environment, user can start aeroTAP on any monitor by setting /X /Y parameter.
(Professional version only)
By default, aeroTAP will be started at primary monitor.
If you have the secondary monitor on the right side of primary FHD monitor, you can set /X1280 to start on the secondary monitor.
If your secondary monitor is located above the FHD monitor, you can set /Y-200 (any minus value) to start up on secondary monitor.

NOTE:  If the target monitor is not connected when starting up the aeroTAP, aeroTAP will use primary monitor.
If your system need wait time to recognize 2nd monitor, please use /W option.
/Oleft,top,right,bottom Restrict aeroTAP's operation area. (Professional Version only)
left, top, right, bottom indicates the actual screen position on target monitor screen.
Touchless operation is only available in this area. It is useful when using a large screen and allowing the user to navigate only with this portion of the screen.

Use /O option to define Left-Top( Left. top) , and  Right-Bottom ( right, bottom ). '(', and  ')' are not needed.

Feedback image also will be displayed in restricted area.
/Rxx Using /R option, aeroTAP will try to check camera is connected and active before start up. If the camera is connected but active, it  will restart USB port and check the camera again.  You can set retry count with /r option.  Default retry value is 6.
i.e.:  /r8

This option can be used with /Automation option to check camera when system boot up and auto starting the aeroTAP.

aeroTAP.exe /W10 /Automation /r

NOTE: /r option required administrator right to run. If you run it in x64 OS, you have to use x64 version of aeroTAP.  If your OS is x86, you need x86 version of aeroTAP to run /r correctly.

Hints: Administrator right is required to execute aeroTAP.exe. If you want to start aeroTAP at Windows startup by using /Automation or /Standby option, please use Task Scheduler to start aeroTAP rather than creating a shortcut in Startup folder.

Register aeroTAP admin version to startup

aeroTAP.exe requires administrator right to run.

The easy way to register aeroTAP to startup is to use aeroTAPna.exe rather than aeroTAP.exe. aeroTAPna.exe is non-admin version of aeroTAP. You can create shortcut to aeroTAPna.exe and copy it to startup folder.

But it you want to operate all application which runs with admin right, you have to use admin version of aeroTAP ( aeroTAP.exe ).

In such case, please follow the instruction below.

Run TaskScheduler

1. Run TaskScheduler, and create a new task.


タスクの開始時[ログオン時] を選択、[特定のユーザー]をチェック
「操作]で「プログラムの開始]を選択し、プログラムには、[参照]ボタンで、aeroTAP.exe を選択します。
引数には、/Automation /W10 を設定します。

Start aeroTAP shortcut without UAC

管理者権限付きの aeroTAP 実行する際、UAC による確認画面が表示されます。これを回避するためにタスクスケジューラを使ってショートカットを作成する方法について説明します。
1. タスクスケジューラを起動して、「タスクの作成...」を選択
2. 「全般」タブで任意の名前 (ここでは'aeroTAP'  ) でタスクを作成します。「最上位の特権で実行する」をチェックします。

3. 「操作」タブで「新規」クリックして、新しい操作を作成します。
4. プログラムに aeroTAP.exe を選択します。
5. 「条件」タブで「コンピューターをAC電源で使用している場合のみタスクを開始する」のチェックを解除します。
6. 「設定」タブで「タスクを要求時に実行する」がチェックされていることを確認し、[OK]ボタンをクリックして保存します。
7. デスクトップ上に作成されている aeroTAP ショートカットを編集します。