Click Action Method

With Recognition of Click actions in aeroTAP Preference, you can configure how to recognize the actions such as click. You can also define different settings for different applications.

You can set areas to perform different action even on the same window.  

Hint: If aeroMode.ini is not defined, actions will be performed according to the settings in Preference.

Destination of aeroMode.ini

aeroMode.ini should be saved in C:\ProgramData\aeroTAP folder or the same folder where aeroTAP.exe is saved.

Notes: C:\ProgramData\aeroTAP folder is given priority.

Configure aeroMode.ini

Setting aeroMode.ini enables you to define different click actions for each application.


[Program File Name:{Caption Name}]
Mode Number, Action Number

Hints: Please refer to Application name for the virtual button setting section for Application file name
Hints: You can omit {Caption Name}
Hints: Area information can be omitted. Area is based on (0,0)-(320,240) coordinate
Hints: Action Number can be omitted. Default is Click
Hints: Please refer to KeyActionList.exe for Action number

Example: The following example shows that Google Earth uses Close to Click and Chrome uses Smart Click.


Configure click mode for a specific Window

By defining Caption name after application name, you can configure multiple Touch function just for specific window. The following example define special click mode actions when Chrome is showing Google Earth page.

[Chrome.exe,Google Earth]

Define click action in a specific region on the screen

By defining the area with (left,top)(right,bottom), your can set multiple click actions (up to 4 per window). In the following example, two areas and different actions for left screen and right screen are defined.


IMPORTANT: When you define multiple area for click action, the click action you defined first will be used.
Example:  If you configured INI as below for chrome.exe, it will make action when you grip/close the palm.

Click Mode List

Mode number    Description


Select this mode when you just want to move the cursor.
You cannot make actions such as Click.

1   Click when stopped

When you stop moving the palm of the hand for a certain time (Interval to detect stop), click action will be performed.
Stop at the position you want to click.
2   Smart Click

Stopping at clickable area for a certain time (Interval to detect stop), click action will be performed.
When clickable area is detected, the color of the virtual cursor will change to RED from Gray.
3   Grab hand to Click

When you make a gripping action after stopping virtual cursor, click action will be performed.
4   Drag and drop

Grab to Drag and release to Drop.
If you open it at the same position, click action will be performed. When drag action is being performed, the color of the virtual cursor will change to BLUE.
When this mode is running, the cursor color in the camera feedback screen will be GREEN.

You can perform Zoom In and Zoom out action by moving closed hand towards the camera or far from the camera.
5   Click when pushed

When you make a pushing action toward the camera (about 10cm), click action will be performed.
Notes: This feature can only be selected when using the aeroTAP 3D USB Camera.