Tutorial: How to make touch screen supported applications "touchless"

Touch screen supported applications can be operated by touch events (without keyboard or mouse). This tutorial explains how to make those kind of applications touchless using aeroTAP.

Change Click actions settings

By default, click action of aeroTAP will perform mouse click. To make applications support touch screens, set click actions to run "tap" operation. Adjust the settings with aeroMode.ini .
Example: When running the touch screen application VisualTable.exe, click action (selection) using Grab and Click (3) will be a setting that creates a touch event. For some touch screen applications, selection will be done by double tap. In that case, set action number 19 (Double Tap).
3, 18

Settings for swipe actions

Swipe or Flip can be performed by Touch and Drag event. For example, define "Touch Event - DragLeft/DragRight  37/38" as a virtual button to Hybridgesture.ini.
Example: When you stop the virtual cursor near the top center of the screen while running Touch screen application VisualTable.exe, the virtual cursor will appear. By selecting right/left of it, you can swipe right/left of the screen.
Additional information: Touch and drag event will occur where the virtual cursor stops. For a touch event to occur at a specific point, define the point using (x,y) option.

Example: Touch and drag event will occur at (800, 600) when the virtual button is selected.

Settings for swipe actions (Palm tracking)

To assign hand gestures, set PalmGesture.ini.
Example: The following example shows how to set a touch and drag event for hand gesture. Touch Pinch event (zoom out) will occur for a clockwise rotation and Pan event (zoom in) for a counterclockwise rotation.
Touch Left/RIght event will occur for Left/Right Flip gesture and you can switch screens.

Settings for Touch and Drag

Touch and drag can be set using MOUSE.ini .

Example: When you stop the virtual cursor at the center of the screen, tap and drag will be performed until you stopping the virtual cursor.



Example: When you stop the virtual cursor at the center of the screen, tap and drag will be performed. When you change the distance of the palm, Pinch/Pan event will occur and you can zoom in/out. When you stop the virtual cursor, drag action will be canceled.



Settings for Tap and drag

Another way to perform touch and drag is to set it using palm gesture (PalmGesture.ini).

Example: The following shows how to perform touch and drag by defining tap and drag gesture to Palmgesture.ini.



Setting touch events to several areas

You can make applications that support touch event "touchless" by setting touch event to HybridGesture.ini, Palmgesture.ini and Mouse.ini.

Available Touch events

Name of event Action Number
Touch Event - Tap 18
Touch Event - Double Tap 19
Touch Event - Tap and Hold 20
Touch Event - Pinch (zoom out) 21
Touch Event - Pan (zoom in) 22
Touch Event - Drag Left 37
Touch Event - Drag Right 38
Touch Event - RotateLeft Muti Touch Rotate clockwise 39
Touch Event - RotateRight Multi Touch Rotate Counterclockwise 40
Touch Event - CrossUp Multi Touch Drag Up 41
Touch Event - CrossDown Multi Touch Drag Down 42
Touch Event - CrossLeft Multi Touch Drag Left 43
Touch Event - CrossRight Multi Touch Drag Right 44
Touch Event - Drag Up 45
Touch Event - Drag Down 46