Tutorial: Configure Touch Panel Application

Applications defined for Touch Panel can navigate with Touch Events and they don't need Mouse of Keyboard actions. This tutoriasl shows how to make aeroTAP navigate such application by Touch Event actions.

Modify default click action

By default, aeroTAP's click action to assigned to Mouse Left button action. To run with Touch Panel applications, modify click action to Tap or Double Tap event by editing aeroMode.ini file.
Example: The following example defines Click action (making a selection) by Close to Click as the Tap event for application VisualTable.exe. If an application requires double tap for selection, you can set value 19 for action number.
3, 18

Swipe/Flip action

Swipe/Flip action can be perform by Touch Drag event. aeroTAP can produce "Touch Event - DragLeft/DragRight 37/38 ". You can define them to  Hybridgesture.ini for virtual button use.
Example: The following example defines virtual buttons for Flip action to VisualTable.exe. To virtual cursor on center-top of screen will show virtual button for Flip action.
Hint: Touch Drag event will be perform at position where the virtual cursor is stopped. If you want to perform action at a specific position, you have to define the position with (x,y) option.

Example: The following example perform Touch Drag action at (800, 600) when activated.

Configure Swipe action (Palm Gesture)

You can also use Palm gesture by editing PalmGesture.ini file.
Example: The following example defines Touch Drag (Flip) action to Palm swipe gesture, and defines Touch Pinch/Pan event to rotate gesture.

Configure Touch Drag

Touch Drag action can be defined by editing MOUSE.ini file.

Example: The following example defines Drag action by Touch event.



Example:  The following example define Tap and Drag  and Pinch and Pan action using Touch Events.



Configure Touch and Drag Gesture

You can also define touch drag action using Palm gesture by editing PalmGesture.ini file.

Example: The following example defines Tap and Drag gesture to PalmGesutre.ini to activate Touch Drag by Tap and Drag gesture.



Setting Touch events to Multiple Area

You can setup Touch event to multiple areas to HybridGesture.ini, Palmgesture.ini and MOUSE.ini and design the best touchless interface to your application.

Available Touch Events

 Event Name  Action Number
Touch Event - TAP 18
Touch Event - Double TAP 19
Touch Event - Tap and Hold 20
Touch Event - Pinch 21
Touch Event - Pan 22
Touch Event - Drag Left 37
Touch Event - Drag Right 38
Touch Event - RotateLeft Multi Touch left Rotate 39
Touch Event - RotateRight Multi Touch Right Rotate 40
Touch Event - CrossUp Multi Touch Drag Up 41
Touch Event - CrossDown Multi Touch Down Drag 42
Touch Event - CrossLeft Multi Touch Left Drag 43
Touch Event - CrossRight Multi Touch Right Drag 44
Touch Event - Drag Up Drap Up 45
Touch Event - Drag Down Drag Down 46