Skeleton Tracking with aeroTAP 3D Camera

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3DiVi NuiTrack for aeroTAP ( Skeleton Tracking SDK for aeroTAP Camera)

Important: aeroTAP 3D USB camera (3cm Baseline) is suitable for upper body Skeleton tracking. The camera's FOV is 64.
Sample movies shows output using aeroTAP 3D USB Camera and aeroTAP 3D GS Camera.

■ Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or 2019

■ Unity 2019.2.11f1

■ NuiTrack for aeroTAP

■ 3Divi NuiTrack SDK

a) Run downloaded NuiTrack for aeroTAP installer
b) Install SDK by following the instrunction on screen.

c) Environment value NUITRACK_HOME will be set by installer.
d) Restart computer to apply effect

Setup aeroTAP OpenNI2 driver

Instruction to obtain the latest OpeNi2 driver:
a) Donwload, and extract it.
b) Overwrite files on x86 or x64 folder to C:\Program Files\nuitrack\nuitrack\bin ( Default target folder ) folder.
c) Overwrite aeroTAP OpenNI2 driver on x86 or x64 folder to C:\Program Files\Nuitrack for aeroTAP\nuitrack\OpenNI2\Drivers folder.
Hints: For more detail about aeroTAP.ini settings, please refer to aeroTAP OpenNI2 Driver page.

After install NuiTrack SDK for aeroTAP, please connect aeroTAP 3D camera and run sample program nuitrack_sample.exe on nuitrack\bin folder, and check everything is OK.

Please refer user's guide from here ( Japanese ) rather than included in SDK.

>> NuiTrack SDK for aeroTAP Japanese User's Guide.

Important: aeroTAP 3D Camera need license. If your camera is not licensed version, it works as free version and frame count is limited to 3000 frames. After 3000 frames, only color image can be streamed with no depth map.

NuiTrack for aeroTAP License

You need license applied aeroTAP Camera to full use. Ask us when purchaing camera.

Supported OS Windows 7, 8, 10 32bit/64bit
Ubuntu 64bit
Supported 3D Sensor aeroTAP 3D USB Camera (3cm Baseline)
aeroTAP 3D USB GS Camera ( 6cm Baseline )
Unity Sample(aeroTAP 3D GS)

  • Full Body Skeleton Tracking (19 Joints)
    (max. 6 Skeletons, Default 3 Skeletons)
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Face Tracking ( Gender, Age, Emotions )
  • Unity Plugin
Free version( Non Licesned) Limited frames
*License applied to aeroTAP 3D Camera.

>> Buy NuiTrack for aeroTAP License

Contact us - NuiTrack for aeroTAP

NuiTrack for aeroTAP Japanese User's Guide

Japanese version of nuiTrack for aeroTAP user's Guide is available. This is translated version from English original version and modified for aerotAP Camera use.

>> Open NuiTrack for aeroTAP User's Guide

Distance from camera aeroTAP 3D USB(3cm Baseline) 80cm to 1.5m, Upper Body only
Not good for low light room.
Android Android is not supported at this point
Licensing License is required each aeroTAP 3D USB camera. Ask us Licensing