aeroTAP for e-Signage

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Interative Digital Contents for E-Signage / Entertainment

We provide variety of Interactive Digital Content using aeroTAP technology.

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■Transform existing digital contents to touchless?
■Develop HTML,Unity content enabling touchless?
■Perform PowerPoint Presentation with touchless?
■Looking for Easy to deploy Interactive Digital contents?
■Interact with Palm, Face, Color, Sounds, Movements...
■Digital Contents using 3D Camera?
■Take Phote and download?
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■Running with aeroTAP evo, launch app when detects human
■Reception system with aeroTAP evo touchless system
■Touhless contents for Multiple players
(i.e. Quiz, Puzzle Game)

Ask us to develop custom apps with using aeroTAP touchless technology.
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Transform Exising Contents to Touchless


aeroTAP evo Professional enables any Windows Apps transform to touchless enabled apps without modifications.

It works for KIOSK to Large screen, Projector screen, and any other output device.

Works with any development language such as HTML5, Flash, Unity.


Even if you develop new apps, aeroTAP API is easy to implement touchless system to your apps
aeroTAP APIは、HTML, Unityなどのプラットフォームにも対応しています。

タッチレス技術を使ったインタラクティブ デジタルコンテンツの開発も請け負っています。

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aeroTAP Signage ( aeroTAP4S )

aeroTap for Signage is a facial recognition touchless Augmented Reality (AR) software designed for conferences or major events.

Multiple facial capture up to 4meters in real-time.

Take a photo and download it via QR code. Content design can be customized to any environment.

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aeroTAP openFrameworks (aeroTAP4OF)


aeroTAP4OF is a combined technology of openFrameworks, aeroTap engine and the interactive digital contents kits from nextEDGE.

aeroTAP detects palm, face, sound, color and body movements that creates high entertainment value in a touchless interactive environment.

aeroTAP 4OF Kit includes a number of content data.

Display and frame design can be modified easily.

Interactive interface utilizes our palm tracking technology. it is also hygienically clean because operations will be done touchlessly ( without touching the screen or other device ).

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Touchless content using aeroTAP


Connect aeroTAP and aeroTAP 3D camera, interactive 360VR content will be created.

At the exhibition held at LA Staples Canter, USA on January 2016, nationwide trip of Japan was displayed on the JNTO E-Signage. The content can turn 360 degrees to the right and left in accordance with the movements of people who stand at 2m or less and users can also move it 360 degree angle by displaying the palm of their hand.

Touchless of the existing content is possible.

Touchless enabled Large glass screen


Running aeroTAP evo , and sets aeroTAP 3D USB GS Camera on the root top. it enables mirror display interact like 'touch screen'.

100Inch Display is implemented behind the VERNU mirror glass.

aeroTAP evo also can detects if the person is existing for presentation or not. If the presenter is existing, it will launch Chrome html content to start presentation.

Museum content with aeroTAP evo touchless


aeroTAP evo and aeroTAP 3D USB G2 camera provides touchless interface to the digital content aa the museum.

Set the camera from the bottom side to track palm position.

aeroTAP evo also detects existence of person ( operator ). When it detects the operator, content will turn from PV to interactive content menu for the operator.